Hostile Sheep has a niche skill set that allows us to become a very valuable part of a product design team. We generally work on digital product designs that either use a waterfall or agile project management methodology. While our deliverables are flexible, our process is somewhat rigid. In order to get the most out of Hostile Sheep, it’s important for the project to be well defined before the time-box begins. We work differently, but we think that’s a good thing. Most of our clients are fed-up with doing things the same-old-ineffective-ways and have challenged their teams to find more efficient and effective ways to approach product design and product management.

Before the Project Begins

There may be tasks that both Hostile Sheep and our clients have to do before the time-box ever begins. Studies often require participant recruitment, standards often require the collection of business requirements. The kick-off meeting should validate we're on the same page and answer all of our questions.

Feedback & Revisions

One of the biggest waste-of-times in a project is the revision process. It's obscene to use 10 man-hours making a headline bold, adding a new button, or updating some copy. Instead, we'll give you our working files so that you can take ownership of the deliverables & update as needed.

Ongoing Support & Answers

We prefer that our clients take ownership of our documents after we've delivered them, however we do offer single-day projects to clients that want us to revise their standards or study. Additionally, we now offer an on-call service that allows us to remain involved (as needed) throughout a project.

Collaboration with a Cross-Functional Team

The last day of every project is devoted to handing-off the study or standards to the product development team. In the case of studies, we like to present our findings to the entire cross-functional team. We generally structure the final presentation as a product-road-mapping workshop. In the case of standards, we need the entire team to attend the final presentation. The final presentation for standards includes a walk-through as well as a co-creation workshop. Workshops can take several hours, depending on the complexity and nature of the product.

Here are some of the ideas, work, and stories we’re talking about. Don’t forget to check out our blog.

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