About Hostile Sheep

Hostile Sheep was founded in 2012 by Jordan Julien in order to maintain a growing client relationship, while continuing to work with a diverse set of clients. Jordan was able to transform his consulting business into Hostile Sheep, a vendor, capable of meeting the day-to-day research and usability testing requirements of a large manufacturing client.

Hostile Sheep initially worked exclusively for their large anchor-client, growing slowly to meet the demands of their single-client-relationship. Over the years, Hostile Sheep was able to secure a select few additional clients; never devoting less than 80% to the single anchor client.

In 2016, Hostile Sheep was informed that their biggest client was not renewing its retainer agreement for another year. They decided to develop a new team to take on the responsibilities that were spread amongst a few trusted vendors (like Hostile Sheep). 2017 represents the first year Hostile Sheep will be accepting new clients, as well as pitching for new business.

Every project Hostile Sheep takes on is time-boxed and utilizes the entire agency; which means there is a maximum-workload that Hostile Sheep can take on every year. Once our calendar is full, it’s full. Most of our projects last 2-weeks; so we can generally find a way to integrate with most timelines.

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